Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

“My work with Joey Shepp on the Osmosis website was one of the most satisfying collaborations of my professional career. Joey was a totally invested partner in this project meticulously tracking every detail with his impressive knowledge and expertise. He was very patient and thorough every step of the way. In the first month since going live revenues from the new online spa booking form were five times the cost of building the website.”

Michael Stusser, Founder

Thanksgiving Coffee Company

“We worked with Earthsite to rebuild a website for our more than 40-year old coffee roasting business. Joey was an excellent resource and helped us think about how to present a large amount of products and offerings in an attractive, easy to navigate site. Earthsite helped our team manage priorities, kept the project on track and delivered the finished site on schedule – no easy feat!

We are so pleased with our new website – Joey made it incredibly easy for us to keep our content updated and looking fantastic. We’ve seen significant increases in conversion rates to our online store, and are very happy with the end result. We will definitely be working with Earthsite again and would recommend them to any progressive brand who has web design and development needs. “

Mischa Hedges, Project Manager

Wallaby Yogurt Company

“Earthsite helped us create a fantastic new website for our company. From start to finish, the project team at Earthsite kept the process running smoothly. We were very impressed with their organization and efficiency, especially the Basecamp system that they used to coordinate both our teams. Not only did we end up with the website we had envisioned, we gained the knowledge of how to manage and operate it on our own. Earthsite was highly recommended to us, and now we’d highly recommend them to you!”

Nicole Perata, Marketing and Sales

Earth Circle Organics

“Earthsite helped Earth Circle Organics completely overhaul and redesign our company website, and the result was amazing! Earthsite helped us create an extensive product catalog, user-friendly store locator, and combined an organic and clean, modern design with an enriched content experience for both B2B and B2C inquiries.

We had a great experience working with their team. They were always responsive, organized, insightful, and incredibly helpful, going above and beyond our expectations in almost every aspect of the project. They empowered our internal team with the knowledge to edit and maintain the website after launch, taking the time to train and answer questions whenever we needed. We continue to partner with Earthsite on Marketing programs, and highly recommend them for any web design and marketing needs.”

Katie Cook, Marketing Manager

Infineon Raceway

“Joey Shepp has been an invaluable resource to us over the last year. We believe the raceway’s Sustainable Performance program holds terrific promise as a means to advance green transportation options to the broad consumer market. However, we did not have the internal skills to evolve the idea into a tangible framework with which we could engage with sponsors, the media and the public at large. When Joey came on board he was able very quickly to identify the assets we had to work with and assemble them in a form that was ready for prime time. The launch of our Accelerating Sustainable Performance program, including our groundbreaking August summit at the raceway, was a resounding success and set the stage for much greater things to come. We could not have pulled this off without the advice and participation of Joey Shepp.”

Steve Page, President & General Manager

Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery

“Working with Earthsite on our large website re-design project was a very positive experience! Earthsite was efficient, responsive, and professional each step of the way. We appreciated their abillity to work not with just one person in-house on the project, but our entire team—and do it with excellence. We’re pleased with the results and plan to work with Earthsite again in 2014 for the redesign of our second brands web presence. I highly recommend Earthsite!”

Sharon Bice, Communications and Graphics Coordinator

Rumiano Cheese Company

“Working with Earthsite has been a pleasure and our website has met my high expectations. We have increased overall sales and website traffic by about 60% after redesigning and implementing a new online store. People are saying that they love the ease of use of the online checkout service with all of the various shipping options. The layout of the website is easy to navigate and the information is extensive. The website update took a lot of work, but was done and delivered on time as outlined by Earthsite during the planning stages.”

Joby Rumiano, Production & Marketing

Marin Economic Forum

“We had such a remarkable experience working with Joey and his team; they are very knowledgeable, professional and kept the project timeline on track. We appreciated the digital system they use to exchange ideas and edits; this saved time making the whole process very efficient. The final product was just what we wanted and the post production support has been invaluable. Thank you Earthsite for a wonderful product and experience.”

Alana Capozzi, Director of Administration and Communications

Sanctuary Forest

“For years we had been talking, planning and even making attempts at improving or remaking our website. After my first conversation with Joey Shepp I was convinced: this was the company to design our new website. He took my poorly articulated vision and ran with it. EarthSite is fast, professional and thorough. We stuck to the timeline and within a few months, Sanctuary Forest had a beautiful, user-friendly new website. Creating a website for your business or organization can be stressful and time-consuming. EarthSite made the process as quick and painless as possible.”

Marisa Formosa, Education Coordinator & Office Manager

Mattole Restoration Council

“Earthsite was wonderful to work with. We knew that we needed to upgrade our website, but did not know where to begin. Joey and the Earthsite team helped us identify what we wanted, and built us exactly what we needed. Joey worked patiently with us during edits and revisions, and taught our staff how to maintain and make changes to the site. We liked working with Earthsite so much that we’ve referred them to many other businesses since then. We would definitely choose to work with them again!”

Cassie Pinnell, Executive Director

SF Environment, City and County of San Francisco

“Working with Earthsite was a great experience on many levels. They took the time to listen to our needs, help us strategize about our options, and check-in during the entire process to ensure we were staying on target and meeting deadlines. Their dedication and expertise delivered an impressive new website for the San Francisco Green Business Program of which we are very proud.”

Lawrence Grodeska, Internet Communications Coordinator

Dharma Merchant Services

“We knew a complete website redesign would be a huge undertaking but Earthsite made it so much easier than we ever could have imagined. Their organized, structured approach allowed us to plan our resources effectively so we could do our part and meet our deadlines; meanwhile the Earthsite team did an immense amount of work in a very short time. They clearly have their process down and we were very impressed with how efficient they were in the short timeframe we had. What also stood out was their ability to grasp our business needs and translate them into solutions, as well as making sure we track and monitor how successful our new site is and what we can do to make it even more effective. They also made sure we were empowered to maintain the site ourselves going forward. We’re so grateful for a job exceptionally well done.”

Alexia Marcous, Co-Founder & Vice President

Coconut Grove Yogurt

“Earthsite offers professional services for website and internet communications that are effective, efficient and most attractive. Their speed of completion is A+.  Even better, their followup support is always there and always with the answers to my questions. Hard to beat such a team.  I strongly recommend them.”

Steve Reed, Managing Director

DotGreen Community, Inc.

“Earthsite has completed design integration and social media push for our new DotGreen website within our agreed upon budget and timeline. Earthsite’s work is superb, and their project management process is seamless. The frequent milestones and check-ins allowed for full incorporation of our team’s input every step of the project, cumulating in highly successful products and outcomes.

Earthsite’s “client empowerment” policy is an excellent one. The team filled us in on details of their work throughout the process, and gave us a thorough overview of features and editing capabilities at the completion of our project. This has allowed us to successfully manage ongoing outreach and website additions as we move forward.

The final result is fantastic, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Metrics on the new website have shown significant improvement in readership and interest, and we have Earthsite to thank for designing the more engaging format. The outreach they performed brought us some valuable new contacts in the environmental community, and has paved the way for new partnerships.

We’ve consulted with Earthsite on multiple projects, and each has been a success! We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Annalisa Roger, CEO

Yes on Prop 39

“A responsive online presence is crucial while working on a fast-paced campaign, and we were fortunate to have Earthsite’s services. Earthsite delivered a website that our team could easily update real-time, and they provided exceptionally quick technical support along the way. More broadly, they integrated our website into a successful online and social media strategy, making calculated decisions on design, advertising, and search optimization to drive traffic and followers to our sites. We highly recommend working with Stacie and Joey.”

Roopika Subramanian, Campaign Coordinator

Mina + Olya

“We had an exceptional experience working with Earthsite to completely revamp and re-design our website. Joey Shepp and Stacie Shepp worked very closely with us and were flexible with our schedules to give us exactly what we want for our website. As a fashion design company, looks are everything to us and the Earthsite team was extremely diligent and detail-oriented to get every detail right. They are efficient and organized and show that they care to give their client what they need. Earthsite’s efforts exceeded our expectation and we were impressed by how quickly they understood our needs and our business concept. We are grateful for Earthsite’s hard work to make the process easy for us and love our new website.”

Mina Yazdi, Co-founder

Thread Documentary

“Working with Joey & Stacie has been a wonderful experience. Their design quality and attention to detail & timelines, married with their warm, authentic, intelligent demeanor & professionalism has far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely partner with Earthsite again!””

Marci Zaroff, Producer | ECOfashion Pioneer


“Earthsite was an integral part in the redesign of our website. They guided us through project requirements, scoping, development and deployment and had great ideas on how to make our site a dynamic representation of our company. The project team was quick to help and very flexible with new ideas and content. We would recommend Earthsite to anyone looking to develop a new website to represent their business.”

Scott Hooper, Senior IT Manager

WholeSoy & Co.

“Earthsite brought everything in a web design team we could ask for and more! They came extremely prepared with the knowledge and enthusiasm it takes to perform a website overhaul and kick-off successful social media campaigns. Needless to say we are beyond pleased.”

Yesica Arredondo, Communications Manager

Home Aid Live

“I’ve worked with a lot of web companies over the years, but Earthsite is, quite simply, the best. Every member of the team is professional, experienced, and creative, with uncompromised integrity. They spent time to fully understand our requirements, and proposed great ideas that we hadn’t thought of. They delivered the project on time and on budget, with thorough, consistent follow up. I felt like I was their only customer, and that they were an extension of my in-house team. Earthsite is truly a “one-stop shop” – they not only developed a beautiful, professional Home Aid website for us, but also implemented our social media presence, and created a fantastic logo that we are very proud of. Earthsite exceeded my expectations, and I’d work with Joey and his team again in a heartbeat.”

David Mathison, Executive Producer

Sustainable San Mateo County

“I’ve worked with web developers before – Earthsite is by far the best I’ve worked with. They far exceeded my expectations and delivered a beautiful and easy to use website that will no doubt raise the profile of my nonprofit. From start to finish, Joey and the Earthsite team was organized and knowledgeable; and they helped us translate what started out as just an idea into a tangible first-of-its-kind sustainability website. I’d definitely work with Earthsite again in the future.”

Tyler Hammer, Executive Director


“Earthsite transformed our site into a beautiful, professional design. Our customers continually tell us they love the new site and it’s easy to use and navigate. The Earthsite team has been exceptional in helping us with our unique requirements and they’re great people to work with. We appreciate the positive experience and highly recommend their services.”

Jane Sheppard, Founder

Green Festivals

“Earthsite has been a phenomenal part of Green Festival and their work has made it possible to reach a whole new generation through the use of new technologies – we are indeed engaging and inspiring many to embrace green solutions.”

Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director, Green America

“Earthsite is a wonderful part of our Green Festival team – we successfully launched our new website and our social networking platform due to their expertise, creativity, and hard work.”

Denise Hamler, Green Festival Director at Green America

“Earthsite has been an integral part of Green Festival’s development since our launch. Earthsite is instrumental in transforming Green Festival’s content into a media experience through Green Festival radio and Green Festival TV. Earthsite created and implemented a plan that has resulted in thousands of people experiencing Green Festival who may not have otherwise had the opportunity.”

Greg Roberts, Producer

“The Earthsite team are the most professional and reliable people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my many years of social entrepreneurship.”

Dr. Kevin Danaher, Executive Co-Producer