Green MBAs

The founders of Earthsite, Joey and Stacie Shepp, both have MBA’s in Sustainable Business from the Green MBA program at Dominican University of CA.

100% Renewable Energy Office

Earthsite participates in Marin Clean Energy’s Deep Green program. 100% of our energy needs come from renewable energy sources.

Green Energy Website Hosting

Green Energy Website Hosting

Many of our clients host their websites with, the industry’s leading green energy web hosting provider.

Green Computing

We source all of our technology from companies committed to making products that are: energy efficient, eliminate toxins, reduce packaging, and are made from recyclable materials.

Digital Office

Digital Office

We minimize our paper use in the office by keeping everything digital. If we need to print, we use recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content, print on both sides and re-use mishaps as notepaper.


Our team minimizes our travel time and helps spare the air by telecommuting and meeting with our clients virtually.