Technology Consulting

Your business relies on the powerful use of technology. From the virtual office to the streamlined online store, our team at Earthsite is expert at navigating and deciding what technology will best support your business. We provide you with the strategy, setup, and support to use web-based technology with efficiency and ease.

Virtual Office

Streamline your work, reduce your overhead, and forget about your commute. A virtual office provides for all the needs of your thriving modern business.

Enterprise Email

With the flexibility and reliability of Google Apps, you’ll never miss an email. Easily managed, secure, and customizable to meet desktop, mobile, or web-access needs.

Internet Phones

From free phone numbers to affordable 800 toll-free numbers, VOIP makes communication reliable and accessible. Connect from your computer or a cell phone with ease.

Video Conferencing

Explore the convenience of virtual meetings and webinars through integrations with Skype and Google Hangout.


From mobile security to password settings, setup the systems and tools to secure your virtual office and online business.

File Sharing

Create easy systems for sharing files and data with reliable apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. Your work is safely accessible.


Develop a functional and branded online business by integrating with a dependable e-commerce app, like Shopify.

Email Marketing

Watch your business grow by harnessing the power of email marketing with ActiveCampaign or MailChimp.


Learn about how this virtual currency benefits your business, and how you can begin accepting Bitcoin as payment.