Social Media

Social media is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Our team works with companies to develop social media strategies to meet their marketing objectives. With a variety of services, we can support your team from introductory training, to full-time management of your social media channels, or anywhere in between.

Setup & Assess

Launch new social media accounts – or refine your existing channels. Our team leads the way, delivering a competitive analysis and establishing your key objectives.

Ongoing Strategy

With a strategic plan in place, your social media marketing happens with expertise and ease. Create content strategies and metric baselines to measure progress.

Content Production

Our social media team produces daily and weekly content for your channels, from blogs to Facebook. Establish key sources and topics, and track and share relevant news.

Metrics and Reporting

Our team provides monthly analysis and strategic next steps. Identify key metrics to meet your marketing objectives, and integrate the leading tools to track and monitor data.

Social Ads Management

Our team manages your social ad campaigns to support strategic growth and target key markets. Boost your social media efforts and audience for both short- and long-term campaigns.

Training and Support

Learn best practices, key strategies, and steps for implementation of excellent social marketing. Our team hosts onsite and online training sessions with client and key stakeholders.


Build community on your Facebook page with content strategy and data analysis. Our team is available to seamlessly manage daily post and community engagement.


Spread your influence with Twitter, using strategic content and posting. Our team is available to seamlessly manage content research and daily microblogging.

Video Production

Our team supports the production, editing, and launches of great online videos. Create accessible and memorable videos to distribute by podcast and social media.

Campaign Microsites

For special campaigns, launch a custom-branded microsite to manage and track your marketing objectives. Our creative team excels at strategic campaign design.

Social Media Contests

We develop and manage social media contests, building community and engagement. Employ a custom launch plan and participation strategies to maximize your reach.