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When building a presence, give Ning a look


Ning is a social networking platform similar to Facebook and Myspace. It’s grown to hundreds of thousands of micro-networks where people with specific causes or interests can get together and share blog posts, discussions, photos and videos. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter get most the chatter in the social networking, so it’s often overlooked as a place to engage, but on Ning networks you’ll find more engagement and more relationship building since the networks are usually pretty specific communities.

Ning networks are like Facebook Pages, on steroids.

Ning uses what’s called a Ning ID, once you create your Ning ID, you are then able to join multiple networks on the platform, using only one login and password. Within the Ning, you’ll find networks that range in a variety of different industries and area of interests. Search Ning to find a network that is in your industry, or area of interest, and see why Ning is growing so fast. As a business owner or marketer, you may find opportunities to advertise or interact with your specific target audience, or you may decided to centralize your community in a Ning network.

Here are a few examples of popular Ning Networks:

ImSaturn – u r 2
We Love Etsy

Check out the Ning Network Spotlight for more.


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