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What’s All The Buzz About Pinterest?


You’re on top of your tweets everyday.  Your Facebook timeline is set up.  You’ve got videos galore on Youtube.  You’re networking daily on Linkedin. And your team is publishing regular content on your blog.  Just when you thought you had social media figured out, along comes another social network called Pinterest.  What’s all the buzz about anyway?  What is Pinterest and how is it going to help my brand?

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website.  Their mission statement is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.”

Here at Earthsite we are constantly researching new social media tools and finding the best use for them when it comes to managing brands online.  Like many others we were holding off on Pinterest, thinking it was just a passing fad.  But it looks like Pinterest is here to stay.

We did some research and found that many sustainable brands are using Pinterest for the following:

  • buidling a visual display of a company’s culture
  • showcase products
  • market research
  • engaging with customers through crowdsourcing
  • contests
  • building SEO ranking for their websites
Check out some great examples:

It’s easy to get started with Pinterest.  The first step is to request an account or ask someone already on Pinterest to invite you in (feel free to ask us for an invitation). Once your account is approved, here are the steps we recommend to get your account going:

  • start following people and other brands
  • check out the their boards and follow individual boards
  • create your own boards with themes that display your company culture and trends in your industry
  • choose photos from other boards to pin to your boards
  • set up the “pin it” button on your bookmarks bar which will allow you to pin photos and videos to your Pinterest page while you are browsing the web
  • promote your Pinterest page through your other social netowrks and ask your fans and followers to pin photos on your page
  • be sure to always give credit to the original source of the photo or video

Let us know when you have your Pinterest account set up and we’ll follow you.  Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration here>>>

Happy Pinning!!

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