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Wallaby Organic Launches New Website

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Earthsite has launched a new website for the Wallaby Organic yogurt company. Wallaby was born out of an adventure that began Down Under. During the Christmas season of 1992, founders Jerry and Faith traveled to Australia for vacation. They were awed by the country’s many natural wonders, but interestingly enough, one of their most impressive discoveries turned out to be the yogurt. It was fresh, subtly sweet, and creamy in a way that they weren’t used to finding in the U.S. They wondered why this style of yogurt was not available back home – they were sure that Americans would enjoy its unique qualities. Today, what began as an Australian adventure continues in the form of Wallaby Yogurt Company. Jerry and Faith’s labor of love has grown into a thriving small business based in California’s Napa Valley.

The new website features a product catalog, information about the farms, a custom store locator, and a Wallablog.

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