Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary Launches New Website Designed by Earthsite

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary, located just outside of Sebastopol, CA was founded over thirty years ago by spa owner, Michael Stusser.  This unique luxury spa features one-of-a-kind Cedar Enzyme Baths, which are based on an ancient Japanese healing ritual.  In addition, the spa offers other services such as massage, facials, aromatherapy, sound therapy, locally made lunches, and tea.  Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary offers several packages to choose from.  A visit to Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary is worth it just to experience the zen meditation garden, salmon creek, and field of hammocks.  It is a very tranquil and relaxing get away.

When Michael contacted us with plans to re-design the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary website we were more than happy to get on board.  We believe personal sustainability is the root of everything!

The new website took our portfolio to a whole new level as we used new advanced technology to build a website that truly reflects the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary brand. In addition, the new website included: e-commerce integration, a custom registration form and a custom gift certificate feature.

To book an appointment visit Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary here>>

“My work with Joey Shepp on the Osmosis website was one of the most satisfying collaborations of my professional career. Joey was a totally invested partner in this project meticulously tracking every detail with his impressive knowledge and expertise. He was very patient and thorough every step of the way. In the first month since going live revenues from the new online spa booking form were five times the cost of building the website.”

Michael Stusser, Founder

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