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NaturEner Launches New Website


NaturEner has launched a new website designed and developed by Earthsite. NaturEner is a renewable energy company that designs, develops and operates utility-scale renewable energy projects in North America and Europe. NaturEner is committed to increasing the supply of renewable energy while decreasing civilization’s impact on the earth. The company works with local governments, communities, landowners and others to harness sustainable energy resources. Their focus is to develop and maintain strong long lasting relationships with the surrounding communities.

NaturEner is committed to bringing clean, green energy and conservation to the areas where they develop projects. They are also dedicated to creating a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the communities they serve. Since 1999, NaturEner has developed over a dozen wind farms as renewable energy sources in Europe and North America. Currently, they are developing new wind energy facilities in North America that will produce approximately 1800 MW of wind power.

NaturEner is a group of privately held companies with facilities in the United States, Canada, and Spain.

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