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Maker Faire 2012: From Robots to Bamboo Bikes


This past weekend we had a chance to spend the day at the 7th Annual Maker Faire event in San Mateo, CA.  The event is put on by Make magazine, a magazine dedicated to the do-it-yourself community.  The event was chock full of intventors and entrepreneurs who are using mostly reused resources to build everything from robots to bamboo bikes.

This year there was a Homegrown Village that featured an array of sustainability projects.  We saw snails, compost, bees and even got to try some probiotic soda.

This is a great event for the whole family with lots of hands on projects for kids and robots of course. We even spotted Wall-E at one point!

Some tips for getting there: carpool or take public transportation, get there early and be prepared to wait in some lines as the parking lots fill up quickly!  

Check out our photo gallery:

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    Kazi Rahim Ullah


    Research has shown that bamboo clothes have 12 times the anti-static effect of cotton. This means that bamboo fabric sits very well next to the skin, without the clinging effect of other fabrics or the stings and zaps every time that you move.


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