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It’s Time to Take a Stand!


We recently took a stand here at Earthsite and decided to raise our desks.  That’s right!  We are now a standing office.  And it feels oh so good.  There have been a slew of articles coming out recently about the downsides of sitting all day.  

Below is an infographic by MedicalBillingandCoding.org called Sitting is Killing You, that is worth checking out.  

Are you willing to take a stand too?  Leave us a comment.  We would love to know what you are doing in your office to address this.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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    This is full of amazing stats, thanks. I’ll bring it up with my team at work and see if we can at least start doing 15 min walks once a day to break up all this sitting. Makes me glad I mostly bike to work instead of sitting and driving in. Maybe I will start standing and stretching on Caltrain after reading this.


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    Stacie Shepp



    Glad you got something out of this post. Good luck with instigating more movement at work! Keep us posted on your progress.

    Stacie Shepp


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