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.green Launches New Website and Video


.green is the new Top-Level Domain for all things green online. DotGreen Community, Inc. is preparing infrastructure, policies, and the 2013 launch of new .green domain names. New .green websites will share stories of sustainability, providing a trusted online space for a presence amongst a green audience. Internet users and global citizens will recognize and can browse a common online location to easily access information on green practices, solutions, products, programs, initiatives, organizations and more provided by registrants.

Public benefit is integrated into the .green operating model. Sales of .green domain names will generate philanthropy and create a new income stream for the DotGreen Foundation. The DotGreen Foundation is a For Public Benefit Charity which supports programs and projects of sustainability in all regions of the world adding additional value and service value to Internet users and registrants who connect on the Green Internet. Governments, companies, non-profits, and individuals are all valuable contributors to our planet’s sustainable future through the .green Top-Level Domain.

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