Earthsite Founder Presents on Social Media Marketing for the Wine Industry


Joey Shepp, Earthsite founder, gave a workshop for the Silicon Valley Business Journal on the topic of “Social Media Marketing for the Wine Industry”.

Presentation Overview

The wine industry has been one of the slowest industries to adopt internet-based technologies. There is a big opportunity for wine brands to engage directly with those who drink the wine. Relationships sell wine!

Earthsite Founder’s Twitter Handle @SocialVenture Listed in the Top 50 of Social Enterprise


Earthsite Founder, Joey Shepp’s twitter handle @SocialVenture was listed in the top 50 most connected tweeters in the world of social enterprise, commissioned by The Guardian Social Enterprise Network.

“Research commissioned by the Guardian Social Enterprise Network from social media consultancy Tweetminster shows us which Twitter players packed the most punches during a three-month period ending earlier this year.

Tweetminster sought to identify the 1000 most active social enterprise Twitter accounts by searching for the tweeters who tweeted most about relevant terms such as #socent and social investment. These 1000 accounts were then analysed, with the “most connected” accounts being the ones with the most followers out of this group of 1000.

Using that methodology, here are the top 50 most connected organisations and individuals on Twitter in social enterprise – the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the socent world.”

See the top 50 most connected tweeters in the world of social enterprise here.

Rumiano Cheese Company Announces The Big Cheese Sweepstakes


Our client, Rumiano Cheese Company, is celebrating their Non-GMO Verification by offering one lucky winner a year’s supply of Rumiano Organic, Non-GMO Verified Cheese!  

That’s right, a whole year’s supply of cheese. That’s 52 blocks of Rumiano Cheese delivered to your door.

We invite you to participate today!

Visit Rumiano’s Facebook Page to enter the sweepstakes >> 

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Sweepstakes Terms

  • Sweepstakes ends July 31st
  • Entrants may only enter once
  • Entrants must be 13 years of age or older
  • Entrants must live in the United States of America
  • Depending on the winner’s address the prize will include: One time delivery of 52 8oz blocks of Rumiano Organic Non-GMO Verified Cheese OR if the winner lives near a store that carries Rumiano Cheese they will receive coupons redeemable for 52 8oz blocks of Rumiano Organic Non-GMO Verified Cheese.
  • By providing Rumiano Cheese with the entrants e-mail address, entrants agree to be added to the Rumiano Cheese contact list.
  • Winner agrees to allow Rumiano Cheese Company to use their First Name, City/State and Photo(s) in sweepstakes announcements.

What’s All The Buzz About Pinterest?


You’re on top of your tweets everyday.  Your Facebook timeline is set up.  You’ve got videos galore on Youtube.  You’re networking daily on Linkedin. And your team is publishing regular content on your blog.  Just when you thought you had social media figured out, along comes another social network called Pinterest.  What’s all the buzz about anyway?  What is Pinterest and how is it going to help my brand?

Style a Link on Facebook

Here is a quick tip for today. Ever wanted to share a link on Facebook but it didn’t quite look right when you pasted it in? Did you know you can restyle the title and description of that link? It’s easy to do, here’s how.

Are your tweets missing from the public eye?

by quinn.anya on Flickr (cc)As I tell many of our clients, your tweets aren’t just seen by your followers! Unless you’ve ‘protected your tweets,’ your posts also go into what’s called the “public timeline.” It contains all the tweets that are being pumped out through Twitter by people like you.

I like to think of the public timeline is like a giant bowl of M&M’s. If you want to eat only the blue M&M’s, you can easily pick them out of the bowl.

Twitter Search does just that.It allows you to filter the public timeline and find people that share the things your interested in. Perhaps you are on a “vegitarian diet.”

In addition, there are some-thousands of Twitter applications that also integrate the public timeline and search/filter capabilities. You can see how valuable it is that your tweets be included in those public spaces.

In the name of spam protection, Twitter has sophisticated methods to identify a spaming twitter account. If you’ve been flagged you tweets will not be seen in the public timeline (oh no!).

To check, search twitter with your twitter handle (@yournamehere)

Check Now!

If you saw your tweets appear in the search results your okay. If you didn’t see your tweets, check to see when you tweeted last, if it’s been a while try a test tweet and see if they show up. If they still aren’t showing up, then you need to fill out a support ticket with Twitter. Here is the form to do that

Hope this helps!

When building a presence, give Ning a look


Ning is a social networking platform similar to Facebook and Myspace. It’s grown to hundreds of thousands of micro-networks where people with specific causes or interests can get together and share blog posts, discussions, photos and videos. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter get most the chatter in the social networking, so it’s often overlooked as a place to engage, but on Ning networks you’ll find more engagement and more relationship building since the networks are usually pretty specific communities.

Ning networks are like Facebook Pages, on steroids.

Ning uses what’s called a Ning ID, once you create your Ning ID, you are then able to join multiple networks on the platform, using only one login and password. Within the Ning, you’ll find networks that range in a variety of different industries and area of interests. Search Ning to find a network that is in your industry, or area of interest, and see why Ning is growing so fast. As a business owner or marketer, you may find opportunities to advertise or interact with your specific target audience, or you may decided to centralize your community in a Ning network.

Here are a few examples of popular Ning Networks:

ImSaturn – u r 2
We Love Etsy

Check out the Ning Network Spotlight for more.