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Joey Shepp Speaks at the 6th Northbay Growth & Innovation Forum

At the 6th Northbay Growth & Innovation Forum held in Santa Rosa, Joey Shepp, founder of Earthsite, spoke to a large audience of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Speaking along-side Steve Weiss, co-founder of the North Bay Angels, Joey presented on the topic of social media and how small to medium sized businesses can leverage “customer powered marketing.”

After the two keynote speeches, there were three rounds of breakout workshops. Joey led the social media workshop, and fielded questions of “how-to,” privacy, and strategy. Once again the response was terrific as many people were excited around the topic and buzz of social media.

Following the workshops, five entrepreneurs presented their business plans in front of a panel of judges. The event was well organized and well attended. If you you made it out to the event, thank you for all the great questions, thoughts, and ideas that you shared with us! Below you’ll find the presentation from the event.

About the 6th Northbay Growth & Innovation Forum

“The Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and the City of Santa Rosa are pleased to announce the sixth event in our ongoing series of local forums dedicated to supporting new business growth. Experts say a downturn is a good time to reposition and renew. Our region, like others, must deal with the realities of this economic downturn. The Forum will present ideas on how to improve business when times are tough and also take steps to prepare for the next wave of growth or innovation. Santa Rosa is a great place for entrepreneurs and larger companies. We have a competitive infrastructure, good services, and a strong labor pool. The Forum will address these and other benefits of locating in Santa Rosa.”

Joey Shepp Speaks at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference: Tools For The Transition, is a day long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping North Bay businesses transition to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The fourth annual conference was held May 8, 2009 at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, CA. Find out more about our Sponsorship and Registration.

At the conference, Joey Shepp, founder of Earthsite gave an inspired talk to an audience of 100+ business professional and entrepreneurs, on the topic of, “The Open Brand: Beyond Greenwashing, Sustainability Messaging in a World of Radical Transparency.”


The Open Brand: Beyond Green Washing

We will also be hosting a live workshop in our office here in June. See below for more details on the workshop.
If you made it out to the talk, thanks for coming out and we look forward to seeing you in the future!

Joey Shepp Interviewed on The Green Front Radio Show


On May 7, 2009 Joey Shepp was interviewed by Betsy Rosenberg’s radio show, On the Green Front . Joey spoke about Green Maven , Earthsite and Open Brands , and how social media has helped grow and strengthen the green marketplace.

The episode showcased several Eco-innovators including Ray Anderson, CEO and founder of Interface Carpets; Claudio Miranda, President of Organic Bouquet, a company that pioneered eco-friendly flowers almost a decade ago and has been in the forefront of the organic flower business; Mike Korchinsky founder of Wildlife Works, an organic clothing company that’s taking corporate stewardship to a new level with its carbon reduction program and groundbreaking work in Kenya.

Joey Shepp to Speak at the Sustainable Enterprise Conference

SEC 2009

SEC 2009The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a day long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping North Bay businesses transition to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The fourth annual conference will be held May 8, 2009 at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park, CA. Find out more about our Sponsorship and Registration.

Eary Bird Special ends April 1st, Register Now!


Speaking Abstract

The Open Brand: Beyond Green Washing
Sustainability Marketing in a World of Radical Transparency

Social media technology is driving the shift towards a more open culture, a more open government, and most notably, a more open way of marketing. People are Twittering about your brand right now and the way you respond today will determine the future of brand management.

At the same time, corporate sustainability marketing initiatives are getting labeled as green washing because they lack transparency that is foundational to building authentic brand trust.

In this talk, you will learn how to leverage social media technology to be an Open Brand leader, transcending green washing and building trusted relationships with your customers. See current case studies of corporate green initiatives that have succeeded and failed. Learn how to show your green, authentically.

Joey Shepp Speaks on Panel at Second Annual AltSearchEngines Day Conference


The second annual AltSearchEngines Day Conference was held on Monday, March 30, 2009 at the San Francisco’s Intercontinental Hotel.

This one-day, grassroots event brings together the best and brightest minds of the “alternative” search engines. Practically every alternative to the big “G” was represented, from Microsoft / Powerset and the Yahoo! BOSS team to key vertical search categories: Green Search, Health Search, Image Search, and Semantic Search, plus several special presentations.

Participating Engines included Powerset, Taptu, Truevert, GreenMaven, GreenPlanetSearch, TheFindGreen, GazoPa, Viewzi, Cooliris, Mednar, SearchMedica, RightHealth, OneRiot, Tazti, SurfCanyon, Worio, Yottalook, TextDigger, StanzIQ, Yahoo! BOSS, and Kosmix, talking about everything from Green Search to Health Search, Image Search, Mobile Search, Vertical Search, and more.

Joey Shepp Speaks at the 2009 Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Online Tools for the Future of Filmmaking
Wild LogoFINALtourcolor.JPG

The world of video is moving online fast and the implications to filmmakers and audiences are paramount. It has become the norm for filmmakers to have an online reel and moreover to lead marketing using online video.

In this workshop, Joey showed filmmakers how to leverage the latest online tools to promote, distribute, and enhance their filmmaking; gain a global audience, make money with advertising, and to prepare for the future of online video.


“Thanks for a fantastic presentation. It was one of the highlights of the Film Festival weekend and made the $90 weekend pass seem cheap. You were clear, chock full of information and stayed razor sharp on point. It was really good.”

Dana Lynne Andersen :: Awakening Arts Studio

Download Entire Presentation 6.33 Mb

Joey Shepp Speaks about the Green Web at the San Francisco Green Festival

How the Internet is Advancing Sustainability

Business and individuals are leveraging the power of the Internet to grow the green economy. Principles of interconnectedness, accessibility, transparency, and democracy are powerfully demonstrated in the emerging Web 2.0 landscape. This presentation will provide case studies in Social Media, Online Activism, Green IT, Open Source Software, and Mobile Applications. Learn how you can go green online.

Download the Green Web Presentation by Joey-Shepp 10.23 Mb

Joey Shepp Speaks at Sustainable Enterprise Conference 2008


Green Marketing 2.0: It’s all about Trust

Traditional top-down marketing is dead. Consumers don’t trust advertising, but they do trust each other. Online technologies such as FaceBook, MySpace, and the iPhone are facilitating a revolution in peer-to-peer communication. How does business today engage with new online strategies to build loyal customer communities? Learn about Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Phones, Blogs, and other rapidly emerging technologies that are forever changing the foundations of marketing. Learn how Sustainable Business is perfectly aligned to take advantage of this new era of Transparency and Trust. Joey spoke about decoding online jargon to prepare you for marketing in an online world.

Download Abridged Presentation 3.57 Mb

Read more at SustainableEnterpriseConference.com

Joey Shepp Speaks on Panel at San Francisco Green Festival



Clean Technologies Driving the Green Economy

What is clean tech and how does it fit in with ecological and sustainable principles? From biofuels to utility development based on nature’s own systems, clean technologies and the engines that fund them are diverse and far-reaching. The panel was focussed on innovative green technologies from local visionaries whose work is changing the face of technology as we know it around the world.

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