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Cypress Grove Chevre, Makers of Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, Launch Website Designed by Earthsite


Cypress Grove Chevre, most notably known in in Northern California as the makers of Humboldt Fog goat cheese, recently launched a new website designed by Earthsite.

Located in Arcata, CA in Humboldt County, Cypress Grove Chevre has been making artisanal goat cheese for over 20 years.  In addition to running a creamery where the cheese is made, the company also manages a dairy farm with an indoor environment ideal for goats that is dedicated to energy efficiency and the environment.

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Earthsite Launches USA Website and Social Media for Emile Noël Artisan Oils


We are plesaed to announce the launch of our latest website and social media campaign for Emile Noël Artisan Oils.  

Founded in 1920 in the South of France, Emile Noël makes over 20 organic virgin vegetable oils including: olive oils, seed oils and nut oils. The Emile Noël oil mill offers only organic products – farmed without chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or GMOs. Emile Noël directly developed equitable commercial relationships with sesame growers in Africa in the early 1980s. Many of their products including sesame, shea, hazelnuts and argan have been awarded Organic Fair Trade by Ecocert.

Emile Noël is proud to announce that their artisan oils are now available in the USA at select Whole Foods Markets. 

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Senate Bill 39 Launches Website Designed by Earthsite

senate bill 39_screenshot.png

In November 2012, California voters passed Proposition 39—the California Clean Energy Jobs Act. This initiative closed an egregious corporate tax loophole that only benefitted out-of-state companies at the expense of expanded employment in our state, and directs new revenues towards investments that reduce our state’s energy consumption and maximize job creation.

Earthsite played a key role in helping pass Proposition 39. Our team designed the campaign website along with running a successful social media campaign.

The proposition is now called Senate Bill 39 and is being led by California State Sentor Kevin de León. We are proud to announce the launch of the Senate Bill 39 website designed by Earthsite.

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Lost Coast Interpretive Association Launches Website Designed by Earthsite


Going back to his roots of Humboldt County, CA, Earthsite founder Joey Shepp, is proud to announce the launch of our newest website designed for the Lost Coast Interpretive Association.

The Lost Coast Interpretive Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the natural life of the Lost Coast through community education.

The Earthsite team is looking forward to participating in some of their programs over the coming years.  We invite you to also!

THREAD Documentary Launches New Website Designed by Earthsite


Earthsite is pleased to announce our latest website launch.  This month we are celebrating THREAD: A Documentary.  Coming in 2013, this documentary takes a close look at the inner workings of the fashion industry and the impact it has both socially and environmentally worldwide. 

Directed by Michelle Vey and Produced by Marci Zaroff, the film’s mission is to “help viewers understand the environmental and social component of their consumer choices, inform them of their options, and inspire them to take a more active stance on environmental issues…”

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Accelerating Sustainable Performance – Watch the 2012 Summit LIVE!


On Friday, September 7, 2012 Raceway Sonoma (formally Infineon Raceway) will be hosting their second annual Accelerating Sustainable Performance Summit.

Earthsite’s Founder, Joey Shepp, worked as a consultant with the raceway and a group of students from the Dominican University of California’s Green MBA program to develop a Sustainable Performance Metric System. This new rating system combines the factors most closely associated with both sustainability and performance into a single comparative metric of vehicles available in the current market.

Joey Shepp will be presenting the Sustainable Performance Metric System at the summit followed by a panel discussion.  He will also me moderating a second panel titled The State of Sustainable Racing 2012.

The event will be begin at 9 am PST and can be viewed live here!

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Green Chamber of Commerce 4th Annual Celebration


Earthsite has been a proud member of the San Francisco Green Chamber of Commerce for over three years.  Earthsite’s Co-founder, Stacie Shepp, served on the board of the Green Chamber for a year before serving as the 2011 Interim Executive Director.

The Green Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their 4th Annual Celebration this month.  This year’s event, Back to Basics, Black & White Gala looks like it will be a incredible event that you won’t want to miss!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

EEFG, Inc. Headquarters, 657 Mission Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94105

7pm – 10pm (VIP Cocktail Hour 6pm – 7pm)