Sonoma Raceway

Accelerating Sustainable Performance

Sonoma Raceway is Northern California's premier motor-sports destination, featuring a world-class road course, drag strip and karting center. Its annual race schedule is headlined by the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series and IZOD IndyCar® Series. In addition, Sonoma Raceway boasts a motor-sports industrial park, which serves as home to more than 70 businesses, including the Jim Russell Racing Driver's School. Infineon Raceway is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (NYSE: TRK), a leading marketer and promoter of motor-sports entertainment in the United States.


Joey Shepp has been an invaluable resource to us over the last year. We believe the raceway's Sustainable Performance program holds terrific promise as a means to advance green transportation options to the broad consumer market. However, we did not have the internal skills to evolve the idea into a tangible framework with which we could engage with sponsors, the media and the public at large. When Joey came on board he was able very quickly to identify the assets we had to work with and assemble them in a form that was ready for prime time.

The launch of our Accelerating Sustainable Performance program, including our groundbreaking August summit at the raceway, was a resounding success and set the stage for much greater things to come. We could not have pulled this off without the advice and participation of Joey Shepp.


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