Emile Noël USA

Naturally Milled Oils

Located in the South of France, Emile Noël produces high quality Organic, Fair Trade nut oils.  

Our Clients

  • Emile Noël USA
  • Graindrops
  • Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery
  • Cypress Grove Chevre
  • Artisana Foods
  • WholeSoy Yogurt
  • Sonoma Raceway
  • Coconut Grove Yogurt
  • Rumiano Cheese
  • Wallaby Yogurt Company
  • Simply Soy Yogurt
  • Acquisition Office and Electronic Waste Management
  • Dharma Merchant Services
  • Venture Greenhouse
  • Dominican University of CA Green MBA
  • Dominican University of CA
  • Mina + Olya